Time to be Back

Hello friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Life has been crazy in the best way. Let me catch you up.

  1. My side biz as a Pruvit promoter has skyrocketed and I have a growing team that I LOVE!
  2. We have two foster (soon-to-be-adopted) siblings, ages 5 and 6. Preston and I are over the moon with our growing family.
  3. I received a promotion at the hospital that I am extremely grateful for.
  4. My health has been as stable as it’s been in 4 years (knock on wood) since the addition of a medication called Soliris, which I receive every other week.

So, yes, we’ve definitely stayed very busy over the last year!

But, I’ve missed writing and sharing my life with all of you. Be on the look out for weekly posts, starting VERY soon.

Love you all! I appreciate your support and I can’t wait to have more conversations with you in the next few weeks!

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