How Ketones Have Helped Me

I started drinking ketones in August of 2019. I had a friend that promoted them, and she had been drinking them for a while. I followed her story for months, and she even reached out to me a few times to try. 

I was very skeptical. Honestly, I had tried other products and diets and workout programs and I wasn’t satisfied with my results. I just wanted energy, better sleep, and maybe a little weight loss 😏. But really, I just wanted to be overall happier with my life. 

So I gave it a try. I thought, why not? Within a week, I saw results. I experienced a major mood boost, I had a lot more energy without needing extra caffeine or sugar (or a nap), and I noticed I wasn’t eating as much. 

Since then, I have tried all of Pruvit’s products, and I continue to be greatly satisfied, not only with the company itself, but with the supportive community. I have made some great friends through my team and I am forever grateful for Prüvit.