What are Exogenous Ketones?

I’m gonna go all science nerd for a minute but bear with me – it’ll be worth it.

So, the body can use carbohydrates, fat, and ketone bodies for energy. The brain uses 100% glucose from what we eat (which is all the time, unless you follow a strict diet). However, the brain, along with the heart and other vital organs, would prefer to use ketones for fuel. When this occurs, it’s called being in “ketosis.”

Normally, the only way to get into ketosis is by following a strict no-carb or very low-carb diet, and even this can take weeks to accomplish. When we limit our carb intake and the body has no glucose to use for fuel, the liver produces “endogenous ketones” for our organs to use, and thus, ketosis.

However, Pruvit’s exogenous ketones have the capability to put our bodies in ketosis within one hour of consumption, giving us the same benefits as we would have if our livers were producing endogenous ketones. The beauty of exogenous ketones is that we don’t have to follow a strict diet, or any diet, to feel the effects of being in ketosis. Now sure, you will have greater effects if you follow a low carb diet or practice intermittent fasting, but it’s not required.

Being in ketosis can give you many benefits, including but not limited to: regulated energy levels, reduced stress and inflammation, mood boosts, fat loss, and better sleep.

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