Why Foster Care?

We get asked ALL the time (literally, daily) why we chose foster care and why we would want to be foster parents, especially at such a young age. So, here’s a little back story.

As you’ve read in my first blog post (if you haven’t, go do that 🙂 ), Preston and I got married in 2017. Shortly after our wedding, we decided we were ready to have kids and start a family. Unfortunately, between April 2019 and April 2020, we suffered three miscarriages (more on that in a later post). 

I was angry and upset, as you can imagine, and it took a lot of therapy (and anxiety medications/anti-depressants) to realize that having biological kids, at least right now, probably wasn’t in my best interest. 

See, not only was I having miscarriages (for reasons my doctors still can’t understand), but my body was struggling really hard with being pregnant. Being pregnant is hard enough but being pregnant with Myasthenia gravis was unimaginable. My flare-ups were constant – I was sleeping all day, I was too weak to eat solid foods or take a shower, and I had to use my cane to walk. But to me, it was worth it, because I wanted a baby. 

Something you may not know about my husband is that he was adopted at birth. Preston and I have had many conversations about adopting and potentially fostering, but we planned on doing that after having one or two biological children. 

After our third miscarriage, I started to look into different options. Foster care caught my eye because there are so many children that need a home, even temporarily, and that’s something we can definitely provide. The more I learned about it, the more excited I got. 

Honestly, it’s a long process to get your foster/adoption license (for good reason). It took us about eight months to go from applying to become foster parents to taking the classes and finishing the home studies with our case worker. But with every step of this process, we have gotten more and more excited. We have learned so much about ourselves and each other, and we’re so excited to see where this takes us.